What kind of bachelorette party should you have?

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One of the consistent complaints we hear at BASHelorette, is that the Maid Of Honor is out of touch with the bride’s expectations for the bachelorette party. No pressure right? The bachelorette party is an opportunity for the bride to bond with her closest gal pals, and she has a certain theme or style in mind. Rather than just winging it, and assuming she wants to get drunk and head to a club, talk to her about her likes, dislikes and expectations.

For example, if you have a bride who cannot stand going to crowded bars, get creative and come up with an in-home wine tasting, or mixology class. There are so many options for bachelorette parties these days, ranging from cheap to expensive. If you are bride-to-be, take our “what kind of bachelorette party should you have” quiz and share the results with your bash party attendees. Everyone will have a better time, if the type of bachelorette party matches the preferences and expectations of the guest of honor.

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