2013 Wedding Nail Trends

Your fingernails never get so much attention as when you’re engaged, from friends and family ogling over your ring to your engagement and wedding photographer snapping photos of your bling. And they just might notice that your chipped polish is due for a change.

So break out the nail polish remover and scrub away that month-old manicure! Its time to dazzle your nails with a little bling of their own.

Wedding Nail Art

Courtesy of Llorias, Flickr Creative Commons

“I credit the popularization of nail art to Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram,” says nail salon owner Samantha Hanby.

The 2013 wedding nail trends include both understated and glamorous styles. Whichever look you desire, you can find something to suit your personal aesthetic. Here are a few tips:

Stay Simple

Neutral nails are at the height of popularity, according to beauty expert Tiffany Fluhme, but that doesn’t mean you have to go bare. Choose a popular nail color like pale pink or ivory.  White tones are some of the season’s most coveted look, adds Fluhme.

For brides, a French manicure is always in style; however, 2013 wedding nail trends suggest that the tips are painted with in a soft finish rather than in bright white.  This classic style is a favorite of Michelle Breskin, co-founder of NYC nail salon Fix Beauty Bar. “Keep it classic and timeless,” she recommends, touting Chanel Ballerina or Essie Mademoiselle.

“You can always put a little something blue on the toes!” she says.

Add A Little Sparkle

One trend still going strong for 2013 is the ring finger switch, says Fluhme. For this simple and versatile trend, don a solid color on your fingernails, but switch it up on your left ring finger.  This look calls even more attention to your sparkly gem.

Or, if you opt for the traditional French manicure, try something a little bit sexier — glitter-dipped tips instead of traditional white.

Go Big And Bold — And Do-It-Yourself

If you’re a bride who wants big and bold, there’s a 2013 wedding nail trend to match. Beaded fingernails, also known as caviar fingernails, are a hot trend and can be achieved as a DIY project: Grab your favorite nail polish and a bottle of super-small beads from a craft store. Slick on the polish, gently tap on the beads, and then paint on a clear topcoat.

You can also check out Ciate, which offers “caviar manicure kits” online.

Other big and bold styles include a French manicure with a different color for each tip or a French manicure with the tip on a slant, known as a “diagonal tip.”

Another do-it-yourself idea is a gel manicure kit from Red Carpet Manicure. Their starter kit includes an LED light that allows you to cure your gel nails at home within seconds. No matter which color you choose, you can be sure that your manicure will last from the rehearsal dinner to the morning-after brunch, chip-free. And one thing’s for sure: chipped nail polish is a big no-no!

So whether you go bold or stay classic, a polished, unchipped manicure will never go out of style.

What’s your wedding nail style?

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