Top Ten Things NOT To Forget When Planning Your Bestie’s Bachelorette Party

Attention Maids of Honor: Here are the must-do’s when planning your bestie’s bach party

Your bestie got engaged to the love of her life…YAY! She so deserves it, and you could not be happier for her (and how awesome is it that she did NOT end up with her crappy ex-boyfriend?). It’s your time to shine too, because as the bestie and MOH, you will be planning her bachelorette party and perhaps hosting her bridal shower as well. These days, it is pretty common for the whole bridal party to jump in and help plan the festivities. However, it’s the tradition for the MOH to take the lead, which you don’t mind doing because you know you are going to host an awesome bash! Whether you are the ultimate party planner or this is your first rodeo doesn’t matter. We’ve compiled the list below of things you should never forget when planning the bachelorette party. Trust us, we’ve planned a lot of parties and want to pass along our wisdom (yep, we learned the hard way sometimes), so you don’t have the learning curve we did.

Don’t Forget to Set a Budget

No one likes to talk money, because it can be a touchy subject, but it’s important, VITAL actually) that you take the time to make sure the whole party is on the same page money-wise. We have a handy method that will help you calculate a bachelorette party budget. This way there are no surprises, and everyone knows what to expect come time for the big bash.

What Not To Forget When Planning A Bachelorette Party








Don’t Forget Games & Ice-Breakers

Maybe your bride tribe is super close and you have known each other for years. Or maybe you are a relative of the bride and don’t know the other bridesmaids. Or maybe it’s a total mix of girls who have never met. Whatever the case, you need to have games to play that help bring your group together. We recommend at least one centers on “how well do you know the bride?” It’s her special day to be the center of attention so why not start off with a fun game about her? There are so many fun bachelorette party games out there, from dares to bachelorette bingo. Here are some of our favorites.

Don’t Forget To Free Up Storage Space On Your Phone

There is nothing….NOTHING worse than clicking to take the perfect picture and that annoying little message pops up saying your storage is full. By the time you free up storage, the perfect photo opp moment has passed. Whatever you do, don’t let that happen during the party. Get rid of unnecessary apps, and move your old photos over to the cloud or hard drive.

Don’t Forget To Download Bash-Friendly Apps

We advise freeing up space on your smartphone BUT we do recommend downloading some fun and important apps for the final fling before the ring. Some of our favorite bachelorette party apps are Minibar, Watch Over ME  and Eversnap. Not all the apps we recommend downloading are bachelorette apps. In fact, some apps are specifically designed to keep women safe. Since you will likely be drinking and having fun, please don’t forget to be safe with apps like Watch Over Me.

Don’t Forget Games, Favors and Decor

This might seem obvious, but not everyone has planned a party. Whether your group prefers penis-straws and adult-like decorations, or classy party items, just be sure you bring the goods. You can delegate certain items to be sure everyone is chipping in. And with Amazon Prime’s ability to deliver pretty much anything to anywhere in the world quickly, there is no excuse for showing up empty-handed. On a budget? At the very least grab a bachelorette sash and tiara for the bride, some cups for your adult beverages, and some balloons. If you are not the type of person who wants to channel their inner-Martha Stewart and go Pinterest-crazy, the aforementioned items will do just fine. As long as you bring the next important item(s).

Don’t Forget Wine, Bubbly, Booze, Beer & Cocktails

Not every bachelorette party wants to include alcohol (after all you can have lots of fun without booze or the hangover). However, it goes with tradition that most bachelorette parties indulge in some libations. If the party your planning is not a dry one, then please PLEASE please do NOT forget the booze. Need some ideas for wine or bubbly? Read Here. Want some recipes for bachelorette shots and shooters? Read here. You may want to ask the bride what her favorite drink is, if you don’t already know. Also, remember to stay within the budget. If everyone’s per person budget is $50, don’t forget to add it in when purchasing alcohol. God forbid you do forget the booze, use an app like Minibar that delivers alcohol right to your door or hotel.

Don’t Forget Cash, Credit Cards and ID’s

This may seem obvious, but we won’t go into the time we forgot ALL THE ABOVE (whoopsie). Double, triple and quadruple check that you have all of these items, especially if you are planning a destination bachelorette party. If you have ever forgotten your ID or passport once you are at security at the airport, you know exactly what we mean (not that we have ever done that before haha). If someone spots you for a round of drinks, then Venmo them the next day to pay them back.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

What would a bachelorette party be without some music? From getting ready, to dancing the night away, music puts everyone in a good mood and gets the party started on the right foot. As the MOH, you likely know the guest of honor’s musical tastes. Have fun memories from high school of jamming out to Backstreet Boys? Make a playlist. Is she a die-hard Britney or Rhi-Rhi fan? Have that station ready and loaded on Pandora.

Don’t Forget to Bring Back Up Clothes & Flats

If your crew is Vegas-bound or heading for a pub crawl, chances are you are all going to looking sexy in some LBD’s and a fab pair of heels. Work it girls! Just remember to tuck some flip flops or flats into your purses in case you get a case of the “I cannot wear these heels one more second-itus.” Don’t be the chick running around the club barefoot (who knows what kind of germs are lurking around the dance floor). In similar fashion, we highly recommend band-aids for the morning after blisters that pop up as a result of your Beyoncé-esque moves on the dance floor. Finally, just in case someone spills a glass of red wine on that gorgeous light colored outfit you’re wearing, bring a backup. Bring two. And make sure the bride has backups as well. Nothing ruins a bachelorette party quicker than a ruined outfit.

Don’t Forget to Have Someone Snap a Picture of Your Bride Tribe

Girls just wanna have fun. And sometimes, you have SO much fun, that before you know it, the party is over and you are all giggling about how much fun you all had in your hotel room or bed. Designate either yourself or someone in the bridal party to be in charge of photo opps. Some groups opt for a bachelorette party photo scavenger hunt, while others just snap a few cute pics. Either way, set a pic goal and work it for the camera. IMPORTANT: Ask the bride before the festivities begin, IF she wants her bachelorette party documented on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Not every lady wants her bach party documented, so be sure to check with her first. If she’s a social media maven and wants to share her night with the world, here are some tips for bachelorette-friendly hashtags.

Don't Forget To Do These Things When Planning A Bachelorette Party

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