Safety Tips for Bachelorette Parties

A bachelorette party is all about making the bride’s last real “girl’s night” as fun as possible. Whether your group plans on getting wild or keeping it mild on the big night, it’s easy to overlook basic safety tips that keep the night safe AND fun. The last thing you want is the bride-to-be not making it to the altar because of a bad situation, or her bridal party having to take a rain check on the wedding! We consulted with a Prince George’s County (Maryland) police officer about basic safety tips for a girl’s night out, and here were some of his top ideas for incorporating safety into a bachelorette party or night out:

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1)     Talk about the who, what, when, where, and how. Consider some of the most basic scenarios that could happen throughout the night and how your group would approach them. We’ve all been there – “What if so-and-so drinks too much?” “What if we lose someone?” “What if our ride home doesn’t work out?” “What if we get separated?” These may seem like things you can easily figure out on the fly, but if everyone from the bridal party doesn’t know each other as well as they know the bride, it’s important to talk about things up front and ahead of time. No one wants a “Hangover” situation!

2)     Don’t lose things! This might seem basic, but don’t leave your purses or clutches unattended while dancing. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, don’t lose sight of your drink, ever! We’ve all heard it before, and we can hear it again – one of the easiest ways to stay safe at a bar is to watch your drink being made and don’t let anyone hold it or “get you another” if you can’t see them.

3)     Transportation. A DUI can turn any bachelorette BASH into a bad memory. Have a plan for transportation – we aren’t saying you have to go all out for a party bus or limo, but know local cab company numbers, have a designated driver (not just the girl who says “I just won’t drink as much!” or “I’m a good drunk driver!”) and stick to the plan. No one should ever get behind the wheel after drinking, and with Uber, cabs, public transportation, and many other options out there today, there’s no excuse to drink and drive.

4)     Get a buddy. No, this isn’t elementary school. But if your group of girls is large, it might be best to have one girl in particular or a group of three who are responsible for watching out for each other. Create a sense of responsibility – not only will you stay safer, but you’ll get to know each other better in the process!

5)     Stay smart on destination bachelorette parties. If you are heading out of town, or out of the country, you won’t be familiar with your surroundings. Keep passports and important documents in a hotel safe. Keep your phones charged. Keep an eye on one another. If you are out walking around, have someone keep an eye on anyone following behind you and don’t go into areas off the beaten path. In Cabo, many bachelorette parties hire their own security guard. When in doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s my tip, and the one I don’t need to say: HAVE FUN! (but be safe while doing so). Do you have any safety tips that will come in handy for bachelorette parties?



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