Tips for Newlyweds: Advice from Professional Matchmaker Susan Trombetti for Marital Bliss

Priceless Relationship Advice For Newlyweds

relationship advice for newlyweds

Marriage is much more than a picturesque wedding, and a lot comes before that baby carriage. So, what can newlyweds expect after they tie the knot? Susan Trombetti, founder of Exclusive Matchmaking, draws on her experience as a professional matchmaker and relationship counselor and shares these wonderful nuggets of wisdom on how to find marital bliss.

Money Matters

Money is a touchy subject in any relationship, but there are ways to avoid finances becoming a marital woe. Trombetti stresses honesty when it comes to purchases. “Do not make any major purchases without consulting each other first.”

Planning out a budget and maintaining an open discourse about money is also critical to matrimony. She suggests talking about it and “reach[ing] a happy medium as to what you both feel comfortable with ahead of time.”

Understand the First Year Isn’t Going to be a Walk in the Park.

Even if a couple has already been living together, the first year of marriage can be tumultuous; the unexpected difficulty of this initial year can catch couples off guard. There will be new outside pressures and obstacles to navigate and dealing with it all as a married couple can add unanticipated stress.

But above all, the important thing is to remember “that you both love each other no matter what.”relationship advice for newlyweds

Don’t Walk out that Door!

Trombetti has consulted couples who have been together for 30, 40, 50 plus years. When she asks them how they do it, she always gets the same answer.

“They just didn’t leave. They stuck it out.”

It’s normal to have arguments, but never get so upset that you walk out on your spouse and spend the night elsewhere.

“Walking out is breaking down the commitment,” Trombetti says. “If you leave this time it makes it easier to leave the next time. [Leaving] destroy(s) the bond.”

Go Ahead; Go to Bed Angry

“Throw out that old saying,” says Trombetti. “There’s no point when tempers are flaring to try and resolve something.

Sometimes things look better the next day.”

It’s the Little Things That Count

“No matter how angry you are, stick to your rituals,” Trombetti says.Displaying small acts of kindness and courtesy despite rising tempers shows your spouse that you still care and are committed to the relationship.

Make Nice With Your Spouse’s Friends and Family

Nothing is worse than that nagging in-law or annoying friend, but fight the temptation to trash talk them to your significant other. Show appreciation for the individuals in your spouse’s life, whether they are connected by blood or friendship. It will strengthen your marital bond.

“To Want What I Have to Take What I’m Given With Grace.”

Trombetti quotes Don Henley’s song For My Wedding and explains the lyric’s significance as, “the grass is not greener [on the other side].”

Appreciate what you have.

Always Make Time for Each Other.

Turn off the television, shut down your computer, and put away your phones. Dispose of any distractions and be sure to set aside time everyday that’s about just the two of you.

Keep Your Sex Life Alive.

“Never withhold sex no matter how angry [you are] and make sure you are always having it,” says Trombetti. She continues, “If one or the other isn’t happy with the sex, then that can break up a relationship.”

Now go enjoy your happily ever after!

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