By popular demand: Bachelorette party-esque shots and shooters

5 must-order shots or shooters (from a bartender) and some alternatives (from a writer)

Here are the most popular shots and shooters that have stood the test of time for discerning bachelorette party palates. I consulted with an Annapolis, Maryland bartender for recommendations – having been to a few bachelorette parties myself, I can tell you these are on point! When in doubt, simply refer to this list for inspiration.

Below her suggestions, I have included a few “alternatives” to traditional shots or shooters. Non-alcoholic, gluten-free, beer, etc. Let’s keep everyone happy and hydrated, no matter what kind of bash you are celebrating!

Drink Ideas For Bachelorette Parties





Sex on the Beach

1.5oz vodka

.5oz peach schnapps or brandy

2oz cranberry juice

2oz orange juice

Woo Woo

1oz vodka

.5oz peach schnapps

2oz cranberry juice

*Replace vodka with light rum for the “Georgia Peach” version of this shot. 

Blow Job

.5oz Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur

.5oz amaretto almond liqueur

Whipped cream

Pour alcohol into shot glasses, mix, and top with whipped cream. Shots are no exception to the “whipped cream makes everything more fun” rule! Serving sizes can be increased!


Red-headed slut (hair color can be changed depending on the bachelorette!)

1oz cranberry juice

.5oz peach schnapps

1oz Jagermeister



A rhyme:

1 Tequila

2 Tequila

3 Tequila


4 Tequila

5 Tequila

6 Tequila


We don’t condone drinking too much for ANY member of your bash’s entourage. However, the salt-shot-lime process of tequila shots can be hilarious when coordinating with a larger group, and tequila is a good, basic, popular shot. Cheers!


Alternative Shots and Shooters:


  • Beer-based: Irish Car Bomb: Get a pint of Guinness, and mix 1oz irish cream and 1oz whiskey into a shot glass. Drop the shot into the pint and DRINK before the cream curdles!
  • Nonalcoholic (any shot can be made without the alcohol!): Apple pie shot – apple juice, whipped cream, and cinnamon
  • Gluten free: most hard liquors are gluten free. Stay away from beer unless it is “cider” or specifically labeled as “gluten free”. Most mixers are gluten free. Go with what you know!


Our BASH in the Box is a classy gift box full of bachelorette party favors and goodies, including shot glass and plastic cups for all your BASHelorette beverage needs.

Have fun, and if shots & shooters are absolutely on the menu for your night out, take a look at our safety tips to make sure your bachelorette’s BASH is successful AND safe.

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