Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Tips For Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup

Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Brides spend a lot of time on makeup for their wedding day. So, we consulted with Katy Pardoe for her tips for flawless and beautiful makeup for your wedding day. Katy is the Washington DC branch manager for the Alison Harper Company,  a group of talented makeup artists and hair stylists from DC to North Carolina who work fully on-site at the bride’s location.

Makeup For Weddings

Finding an Artist For Makeup For Your Wedding Day

A bride’s experience should always start with a consultation. “We want to know who you are as a person and as a bride,” says Katy.  With 18 artists in the DC area alone, brides at Alison Harper are matched with an artist who best fits her personality and style. Trial appointments are blocked for three hours, which is plenty time to get the perfect look.

Katy recommends finding an artist with a diverse portfolio. “Your bridal party will all be different. They may vary in skin tones, eye and hair color, and overall aesthetics.” An artist should be experienced in various styles of makeup to accommodate the bridal party.

Wedding Day Prep

Katy recommends that brides complete their beauty prep — waxing and threading, for example — at least a week before the big day, and maintain their daily cleansing and moisturizing routine the morning of the big day. She also suggests asking a makeup artist for product recommendations in advance as well.

Upcoming Trends and Styles: Makeup For Your Wedding Day

More and more brides are using fake lashes. Katy projects that almost every bride will use them in the upcoming season. Individual lashes, which are clusters with four to five lashes, are one option. These allow for a custom look to the eye and add just the right amount of volume and length.

Strip lashes are another option. They are perfect for evening weddings as they give the eyes a more dramatic look. These lashes are a single strip and provide more length.

Another trend is highlighting and contouring of the face. Celebrities have started using this technique to accentuate or hide certain features. This season, shadows and cheeks have been a highlight. Golds, purples, brighter pinks and berry colors are in for this season. Brides are even getting playful with metallics.

For brides who are not big on makeup, Katy suggests a neutral palette. “It is important to maintaining your personal style and aesthetic. All you want is just an enhanced version of yourself.”

Tips for Summer Weddings

Heat can be a challenge for many brides. Katy suggests using a primer because it absorbs excess oil and sweat. Brides can choose between airbrush or traditional makeup. Airbrushing is popular because of its very light application. It gives the bride a softer look and does not drip or sweat. For those leaning towards traditional makeup, Katy recommends using a setting powder and spray. The makeup sets on the face and does not transfer when hugging and kissing guests.

What makeup tips would you add to help a bride feel fabulous on her wedding day? 

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