Considering Investing In A Professional Wedding Video?

Tips for capturing memories from professional wedding videographer Carly Gilleland of Carly G. Media bachelorette party video tips

Q: You are one of the go-to wedding videographers in Arizona, so we appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and chat with us! To start, what are the most important aspects of wedding videography and photography that brides must know?

Carly: Most important, make sure you vibe well with your wedding vendors from the get-go. Schedule a meeting or two in-person, before hand to get to know them. You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day, not like you have some random stranger with a camera all up in your face. I am a wedding videographer, and I do believe there is a difference between photographer and videographer, so one of the first things I would say is if you are booking both photo and video you need to make sure the two know each other or have met before hand to make sure they work well together. Thankfully I have LOVED every single photographer I have worked with, and it’s usually because I love my bride and groom and they love their photographer, so it all just makes sense right? But just to be sure… make sure they know each other before the big day.

Q: For brides and friends who are snapping pics, videos and selfies with their smartphones during the bachelorette parties and wedding festivities, are there any tips or tricks you can share that will help the pics turn out great?

Carly: I would designate one or two girls to make sure photos are being taken. One of them needs to carry a selfie stick so you are sure to get some group shots. Or make sure one knows how to do the self timer! Oh, and the more props the better!!!

Q: Do you recommend any cool apps or digital resources that brides and their friends can download and use during the bachelorette party and wedding festivities? 

Carly: I don’t know many, but i’ve heard of “The Wedding Party” app that sounds pretty stellar and fun!! Oh, and if your bridesmaids don’t have Venmo to help split the checks, they need to hop on that. Easiest way to quickly take care of payments.

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Q: Talk to us about video, because yours are amazing! How important are wedding videos these days? Are you noticing that more couples are investing in them? If so, why?

Carly: Video is becoming more and more popular for weddings, yes. My background is in documentary film making, so I love capturing real, organic and natural moments as they happen, and editing it together in a creative and beautiful “trailer” film for my couples to watch year after year. Your wedding day goes by so fast and there is so much that happens that you are not even aware of, so to be able to capture it all on video… hear the vows cheering and laughs… watch the gestures, tears and dance moves… it’s something pretty special. Not many have video in their wedding budget, but as they are planning they make it work – and every single couple I have worked with have said they are so grateful they bit the bullet and booked video.

Q: What should the average couple budget if they want a wedding video like the ones you create? 

Carly: My base package is $2,200, but I have had couples book packages up to $4,000 in value. It varies based on your timeline and production desires!

Q: Last but not least, if you were planning a bachelorette party in Phoenix/Scottsdale for your bestie, what would be your “go-to” spots?

Carly: A yoga or spin class at Cyclebar, Modern Yoga or The Madison. Spa day at Montelucia or The Phoenician. Dinner at Culinary Dropout (I’m all about the pretzel balls and fun games) or Postinos (I could eat their bruschetta board for days). And definitely crash at The W or Valley Ho for the night.

Thank you so much Carly, we really appreciate your expertise! Follow Carly on Vimeo,  Facebook or visit the Carly G. Media website for more wedding video inspiration.

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