Internship Opportunities at BASHelorette

Are you interested in interning at a startup company and working with a great team of peers and mentors? Love social media, sales, advertising, marketing and public relations? Then, review the opportunities below and follow the instructions to submit your application today. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

Business Development Strategy Internship 

Start Date: July 8, 2013

End Date: October 8, 2013

Application Deadline: July 1, 2013

Were you the sort of kid who operated a successful lemonade stand, newspaper route or seemed to be the top seller for school fundraisers or girl scout cookies? In a room full of people you don’t know, could you walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation? Do you have a plethora of energy and enthusiasm and enjoy learning new things? Love to meet new people? If you answered yes to these questions, and want to further develop the sales and marketing concepts you have learned in college, this internship program is for you.

Launched in early 2013, BASHelorette is the first company to create a digital and public platform enabling users to plan their own bachelorette parties, girl’s nights out and girlfriend getaways with hand-selected partners and venues in the United States. Already attracting over 50k unique visits in less than four months, BASHelorette is poised to expand to over ten new national markets in the coming year. Here is your chance to help develop sales and marketing strategies at a digital startup!

BASHelorette offers a unique and flexible work environment. All team members work from the comfort of their home, (with the exception of special events, specialized trainings and shadowing our business development specialists). Due to a “work from home” environment, our company seeks highly self-motivated team members, who are savvy and competent in digital, verbal and non-verbal communication. BASHelorette offers a high energy, face-paced virtual environment, where new ideas are embraced, and team members are encouraged to think outside the box. As a business development strategy and intern you will work closely with our sales and marketing team leaders, manage several business development projects and have the opportunity to take on assignments that aid in the growth of our company.

Our ideal candidate is someone who loves a challenge and exudes confidence when tackling new ideas and projects. They are highly creative, motivated, organized, sociable, communicative and a team player. Our ideal candidate is most likely a former athlete, leader, organizer and social connector. The ideal candidate will embrace the skills learned during their internship position and transition into a paid member of the BASHelorette sales and marketing team.

What You Will Learn:

  • You will first and foremost be given the gift of a business book (to be revealed once you join the team), to enhance your experience as the Business Development Strategy Intern
  • How to use Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to input sales leads, manage a sales pipeline, interpret sales reports and maximize efficiency
  • How to develop leads lists through online research and data collection
  • How to develop new concepts for sales outreach, and identify growth opportunities
  • How to master digital software resources such as virtual meetings, conference calls, etc.
  • How to become a superior sales professional, through verbal/non-verbal communication, closing tactics, etc.
  • How to develop your own marketing strategies to support the sales and marketing team
  • How to speak eloquently to potential clients and how to close the sale
  • Additional projects and possibilities will be available

What We Require:

  • The ability to read the required book within 1 week of accepting internship position
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word or Pages and Excel
  • Proficient in email such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.
  • Must be able to adhere to project timelines and directions
  • Familiarity with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is desired, but we will also train
  • Flexible (this is not a typical corporate environment, therefore is less structured, with more freedom to be creative)
  • Interest in sales and how to become a successful sales/marketing professional
  • Interest in hospitality and lifestyle is a plus
  • Must have reliable access to wireless internet, reliable computer and reliable cell phone

We view our BASHelorette interns as important team players, who will likely join our team in a more permanent capacity upon the completion of their internship (should they choose to). Therefore, our team will be available to mentor and develop the skills and talents of each and every intern. Our inters will enjoy the ability to work alongside seasoned sales and marketing professionals, including the company’s founder and partners. Our interns have the option to attend meetings, special events and even accompany our sales representatives to meetings.

We promise your internship experience with BASHelorette will provide you with the necessary knowledge and career skills needed to enjoy a successful sales and marketing career. While it promises to be fast-paced and in-depth, you will have fun and work with some of the most talented sales, marketing and technology minds of today. You will become extremely knowledgeable in online and verbal communication, a master of online research and sales tactics, and have an unforgettable learning experience. You will also learn how to work successfully in a home-based and flexible environment, while still enjoying top level networking and hands-on sales and marketing experience.


The position begins July 8 and ends October 8, 2013. You are expected to work 12 hours a week. Most of the hourly work can be completed on the days and times of your choosing. Some hourly work will involved scheduled trainings during normal business hours (between 8am and 5pm). Attending meetings is optional. Those who successfully complete their internship will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent position with BASHelorette.

To apply please submit the following documents to info at bashelorette dot com :

  • One or two paragraphs stating why you want to intern at BASHelorette. NOTE: Please do not send a copy and paste template version. We want to get to know you through this paragraph. What do you hope to learn? What skills will you bring to our team?
  • Klout Score: Send us a link to your Klout score. This will not be a deciding factor, but we do want to see how active you are in your social networks.
  • If you could interview anyone (deceased or living), who would it be and why? No more than three sentences please.
  • Resume (PDF, Pages or Word Format)