How to Throw a Fabulous Bachelorette Party at Home

The typical vision of a bachelorette party might be of a gaggle of gals bar-hopping around town in a limo — but that doesn’t mean a night out is the only way to celebrate a bachelorette party. Sometimes staying at home is a better option, whether it’s for budget (who wants to pay $9 for a beer?) or just personal preference.

The first step toward planning a bachelorette party at home is finding the right location.

If your abode fits the bill, then your life just got easier. However, if you’re an apartment dweller or just don’t think the flow of your home is right for a party, ask around – another bridesmaid, a good friend or even her parents might have a better home for the shin-dig. (Just make sure mom and dad are either willing to go out or hole up in a bedroom for the night!)

Some home-design questions to keep in mind: Does the house have a logical area to set up food and drinks? If it’s nice weather, is there an area to congregate outside, such as a deck or patio? Is there enough seating to play games or open gifts, such as lingerie?

Once you have the space allocated, move on to the theme. While there’s no reason you can’t simply get together to play games, nosh on some food and sip on drinks, it can really set a festive mood if you get creative. Some ideas:

  • Host an old-fashioned slumber party. Ask gals to bring sleeping bags (if they have them), pile blankets and pillows on the living room floor (and maybe a couple air mattresses – your back isn’t age nine anymore!) and gossip all night long. Watch your favorite wedding flicks (Father of the Bride, naturally, but perhaps The Wedding Singer and The Wedding Date could make appearances, too) and gossip all night long with bowls of popcorn and pretzels by your side.
  • If you’re looking for something a little bit more refined, host a wine-tasting-and-trading extravaganza. Ask each guest to bring two bottles of wine – one to taste and one to trade – that they enjoy at any price point. The bottles to trade get set in a specific spot; throughout the night, the host can interject the conversation with questions about the bride. (What was the name of bride-to-be’s first boyfriend? Where did her fiancé propose? What was her childhood nickname?) Whoever answers first gets to pick their top choice of a wine bottle to take home. Other wines are set out for pourings, along with wine-friendly appetizers (Pinterest is the best source of inspiration when it comes to making a menu).
  • Sometimes, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals – pleasure professionals, that is! These days, there’s a myriad of companies specializing in – how can we say this delicately? – adult fun. Ask a representative to visit your party; she’ll likely bring samples and catalogs for potential purchases. While some guests might blush, there will be a ton of laughter, too.

No matter which theme you choose, some bachelorette party ingredients are key: Cute décor (we know it’s cliché, but hot pink always set the mood), good food, strong drinks or Champagne, and some games – risqué level can vary.

Who says you need a limo and cover charges at the bar to have a good time? What ideas would you add to this list?

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