How Much Should You Spend On A Bachelorette Party?

Calculating a bachelorette party budget that works for everyone

It’s the final send off, the last night of freedom…the bachelorette party! While bachelorette parties are meant to be fun and an opportunity for the bride to bond with her closest friends, mention of it can make cash strapped bridal party members wonder how they can afford all the things that come along with the bash.

Fear not ladies! The BASHelorette team has a formula to help calculate how much you should spend at a bachelorette party. It ensures a couple things. For one, the bride should not pay for anything (unless she is doing an expensive destination bachelorette party). Secondly, no one should be forced to pay more than they can actually afford. Get out those iPhone calculators and follow along.


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How to establish a per-person budget for the bachelorette party:

Step 1: The MOH or main bachelorette party planner should personally reach out to everyone attending the bachelorette party to find out the maximum they are comfortable spending. Don’t try to take a shortcut and send a mass text or email. Money is a touchy subject, so it is best to reach out to each person individually. Be direct and ask, “What are your comfortable spending on the bachelorette party?” Now you have some fixed numbers to use in the calculation.

Step 2: Write down at all the maximum spend numbers and reduce the lowest number by 15%. For example, if you have 4 attendees (not including the bride) who say they can spend the following:

  • Guest 1: maximum spend = $350
  • Guest 2 maximum spend = $200
  • Guest 3 maximum spend = $110
  • Guest 4 maximum spend = $175

Reduce the lowest amount (guest 3 in this case) by 15% and you have your per person budget.

In this example, the per-person budget is $93.50.

Step 3: Next you need to adjust to cover the bride’s expenses since it is likely she will not be paying for her bachelorette party. Take the total amount your party is working with (in this example $93.50 x 4 = $374), and divide it by the total number of guests including the bride. So, take $374 divided by 5, and you get $74.80 per person. That is the number you use when planning activities, dinner, drinks, etc.

Using this method will help you determine how much you should spend at a bachelorette party. Plus, it helps avoid situations where anyone is pressured into spending more than they can afford. For those who can afford to spend a little more, offer to pick up some additional costs like décor, the tiara, some bubbly, bachelorette party favors or buy a nice gift for the bride that she might not otherwise treat herself to.

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