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Classy Bachelorette Party Theme #3: A Day At The Beach

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There is something about the seashore…it’s relaxing, lovely and well, beachy. For a bride who can’t get enough of that “sand in her toes” feeling, consider a beach-inspired bachelorette party. It’s time for bathing suits, beachy-keen snacks, summer-inspired cocktails and some girl time spent basking in the sun.

How to pull it off: Set aside at least one full day (if not two) for a beach themed bachelorette party. Consider wearing bathing suits and bikinis that reflect the bride’s favorite colors. Perhaps everyone attending the bachelorette party wears one color, while the bride wears white. Grab beach towels, oversized hats, shades, Barefoot white wine or bubbly, magazines, and fun bachelorette party games to play while you lounge. Don’t forget sunscreen and be sure to make a custom playlist on Spotify or iTunes that will keep the good vibes going all day.

Décor: Think bright colored beach towels, umbrellas, beach balls, matching sand buckets, paper plates, napkins and some bold and beautiful throw pillows. Don’t forget colorful oversized buckets for icing and displaying adult beverages. To kick the look and feel up a notch, bring an oversized blanket or area rug. Use golf tees to secure balloons and bring a couple small tables (Ikea has some really inexpesive white side tables that would be perfect). If you want to get fancy and provide everyone with their own beachy spiker, Sassy Southern Gals Boutique provides customized versions at a reasonable cost. For snacks, bring mason jars or bowls and fill with yummy goodies that won’t melt…goldfish, popcorn, tortilla chips, etc.

Gifts & Favors: Grab a beach ball and have everyone write a personalized message to the bride. Make your own beach party bachelorette survival kit by taking a large tote bag and filling it with the following goodies: Sunglasses, sunscreen, a plastic cup, customized drink koozies, travel sized hair products, flip flops, snacks, a can of Sophia champagne and a water bottle. For classic bachelorette party favors and decor, BASHelorette offers a travel-friendly, BASH in a Box, filled with goodies like plastic drinkware, a sparkling tiara, sash and more!

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