Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party At SAX Washington DC

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Cocktails at SAX Washington DC


It’s a Thursday evening and I’ve joined BASHelorette Founder Courtney Smith for a girls night out at SAX, a burlesque in Washington, DC.

From behind her masquerade mask, our server suggests we try one of their specialty cocktails, a vodka drink made with ginger habanero, tangerine, and lemon juice.

Its called Scandalous and I feel very Olivia Pope.

Courtney and I’ve come to SAX to scope it out for the BASH blog. We’ve heard that SAX is a great place to celebrate a bachelorette party in the district — and it is. As proof, a bachelorette posse settles into a plush booth nearby.

The decor at SAX is ornate and completely over the top but very classy.  The centerpiece is the glass enclosed stage above the bar where the burlesque performers sing and dance throughout the evening — think MOULIN ROUGE.

The dancers are incredibly talented. Their performances are short and periodic, so the party can continue between shows.

SAX offers three packages for brides celebrating their last single days. Packages range in price from $80-150 per person and include two hours open bar, a special mini cocktail toast, a gift bag for the bride-to-be complete with sash, boa and tiara, gift cards for the bride and her guests, and an individual cake, all arranged by a personal celebration coordinator. Food and transportation options come with the price increase. All are a steal of a deal in DC.

What do you think? Would you celebrate your bachelorette burlesque-style?

SAX Washington DC is located at 734 11th Street NW and is open Wednesday-Saturday nights and for Sunday brunch. To plan your Burlesque Bachelorette BASH, visit www.saxwdc.com.

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