Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

How to Choose a Bridesmaid Gift

So you thought that because it’s your wedding, you will be the only one receiving gifts? Sorry to burst your blissfully-wedded bubble, but the bride doles out tokens too – to her bridesmaids, and to a host of helpers. Your gift is a way of saying “Thank you” to your bridesmaids for their time and effort, and doubles as a wedding remembrance too!

While it’s understandable to relegate choosing a bridesmaid gift as an afterthought – considering your wedding jitters and all – a little bit of effort will make your best women feel special, so you will have to hand-pick them yourself. There are no hard and fast rules on how to choose a bridesmaid gift, but these 3 simple tips should get you started.

Bridesmaid Gifts

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A gift that suits her personality

The easiest route on how to choose a bridesmaid gift is according to personality. It’s just appropriate to give one of your best girls a set of Champagne flutes, or perhaps Pilsner glasses or cocktail shot glasses if she loves to host drinking parties. You will make her feel that you’ve considered her needs and chosen selectively. And because no two bridesmaids are ever alike, maybe you can gift your audiophile bestie with speakers and headsets. Those will surely sing to her!

A gift that says you two go all the way back

So maybe you were friends since pre-school, and know each other like twins. A more appropriate gift then would be something that will bring back long forgotten but sweet memories, like that time when you sneaked out of a boring Science class to catch Star Wars in theaters near you. If you have none of those truant blasts from the past, you could always give your oldest best friend a piece of jewelry to tell her how precious she is in your life. Perhaps she’s partial to a set of silver sterling earrings, a gemstone ring, or maybe even a necklace. Give jewelry to her and her alone, and you’re telling her she’s extra special.

A gift she can use after the wedding

T-shirts that scream bridesmaid are all well and good, but she’s not likely to wear them after the wedding (unless she wants to remain a bridesmaid and never a bride). A more useful gift would be those she can re-wear or use day to day. If all else fails, be guided with this common sense wisdom on how to choose a bridesmaid gift and you will never go wrong. Throw pillows, blankets, ceramic pots, mood lamps and wall prints are just some of the things she’s going to find useful long after she caught your bouquet. And don’t forget to hashtag those bridesmaid gift pictures with something clever like #lovemybridesmaids, #bridesmaidgifts or #thankyoubridesmaids. For more wedding and bachelorette party hashtag inspiration, follow us on social media.

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