Why You Should Start Planning The Bachelorette Party 6 Months Ahead Of Time

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Why You Should Start Planning The Bachelorette Party 6 Months Ahead Of Time

Stick to this handy bachelorette party planning timeline below to stay ahead of the game!

Planning times vary, but we have found the timeline below works best. If circumstances do not permit 6 months of planning time, try to hit these milestones as soon as possible, to prevent added stress and becoming disorganized.

6 months before the wedding:

Talk to the bride about when she would prefer to have her bachelorette party. Does she want it the week before the wedding, or three months out? Every bride is different, so be sure to ask. If a bride is having a winter wedding, but wants to have a fall bachelorette party, the party may be a couple months before the wedding. Ask her to give you 5 date options. Yes 5.

5 months before the wedding:

Remember that contact list we talked about in our step by step bachelorette party planning blog post? Now is the time to make that list and start communicating. Now is the time to send out potential dates to everyone, in an effort to choose the date that works best for everyone. You also want to talk to the bride now about her preferences for the bachelorette party.

4 months before the wedding:

Time to confirm the date of the bachelorette party. After looking at everyone’s availability, set a date and stick to it. You may not please everyone, but a date must be set. One of the most common complaints we hear, is that plans continue changing, some guests cannot attend and others say they can at the last minute. Whatever you do, stick to the date. Only change the date if the bride requests it or there are extraordinary circumstances.

3 months before the bachelorette party:

Budget time! Now is the time to ask everyone for their maximum spend budget. Determine your per person budget by using this formula (see bullet point 3). Why? Well, because you need to have that information before any planning. How will you know what to plan if you don’t know how much you can spend?

2-3 months before the bachelorette party:

Now is the fun part, selecting the activities, venues, etc. for the big party. Remember that budget? Now you have something to work with. Don’t forget to check out the offerings on our website, just browse by city. There are some great deals and ideas to help you plan a bash. Remember your per person budget includes everything. Transportation, food, accommodations, taxes, etc. Figure in all costs once you have selected the activities and venues, and communicate those details to everyone in the party who is paying. Some like to create a Paypal account just for the bachelorette party, so everyone can pre-pay and the funds are all held in one account. You may have to pay deposits for certain activities, hotels, etc. at this time as well, so having the money in one account is helpful.

1-2 months before the bachelorette party:

Confirm all details with the venues and service providers you are using for the party. That includes restaurant reservations, limos, spa treatments, etc. Also, now is a great time to order decorations, favors, cute bachelorette party tee shirts, gifts, etc. For those looking for a box full of classy bachelorette favors and decor, grab a BASH in the Box and take it wherever your bachelorette party is headed!  If you are doing a destination bachelorette party, be sure to confirm that the company you are ordering special items from can ship to the place you are staying. If you want to play bachelorette party games, select them now as well (you may have to order them online).


2 weeks before the bachelorette party:

Send out a reminder text or email with all the details. If you used BASHelorette to plan the party, you can email the digital itinerary (as a PDF) to everyone in the party. If not, send an email with all details: date, start time, itinerary, addresses, phone numbers, etc. The more detail the better. Remind everyone to bring cash just in case. It comes in handy for cab rides, drinks, tips, etc.


We hope this information is helpful when planning a fun, stress-free bachelorette party!


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