Throwing a cheap bachelorette party doesn’t mean skimping on fun

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Throwing a cheap bachelorette party doesn’t mean skimping on fun

Wait. Is it actually possible to throw a bachelorette party for $10 per person?

Yes ladies it is possible, and easy too! You don’t have to break the bank to throw an awesome bachelorette party. Whether your budget is small or large, fun can be had no matter what. Afterall, it’s more about the quality time you spend together, than how much money you spend, right? Here are some ideas for bachelorette party budgets starting for a mere $10 per person. 

Cupcakes & Champagne Party:

This at-home bachelorette party theme is classy and fun. Have everyone throw in $10, head to the store and pick up cake mix, icing and of course bubbly! We recommend the following sparkling wines that normally retail around $10 per bottle: Pink! By Yellowglen (if you prefer rose sparkling) or Yellow Tail sparkling white wine.

Tips: For every two people, you want one bottle of bubbly and at least 2 cupcakes. So, if you have 8 people, you will spend about $45 (including tax) and could make plenty of cupcakes with about $15. Since you would still have about $20 left, head to a local party store to grab some gold, silver or pink balloons and a tiara for the bride to be. If your party is the non-drinking kind, splurge on a few different cupcake varieties, grab a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage and play some bachelorette party games.


Martinis & Mani’s:

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? For $10 per person, this at home party will be a hit with everyone. Have everyone throw in $10 and head to the store for a nail file, some nail polish and martini ingredients. Set up some a table and take turns being the nail polish applier. For every 4-6 people you only need one bottle of nail polish. Save extra money by BYOB – bring your own bottle of nail polish! Your local dollar store or convenience store should have some cheap nail files and mani kits ($5 or less). So if you grab a couple bottles of OPI or Essie you are looking at $20 (including tax), plus $5 on files or a small mani kit. That leaves $20+ for martini ingredients. Why not make cosmos and rent a few epidsodes of Sex in the City or Magic Mike?

Tips: For cosmos, grab one bottle of vodka (citrus vodka is preferred), two containers of cranberry juice, one small bottle of triple sec and some limes. If you don’t buy an expensive brand of vodka, you can definitely grab all the ingredients for under $20. If you have leftover funds, pick up some plastic martini glasses at the party store, or bring your own favorite glass. You will also need a martini shaker or pint glass. Read about more bachelorette party cocktail ideas here.

Local bars and pubs:

Places like Cadillac Ranch offer packages starting at just $10 per person, so see what is available in your town. Try calling the bride’s favorite watering hole, and asking what they can do for $10 per person. If it is a local, dive bar, chances are they would love to have your group and will let you know what you can get for your budget.

Tips: Although most bachelorette parties happen on a Friday or Saturday, being flexible and hosting it on a Sunday through Thursday usually means saving a lot of money.

There you have it! Cheap bachelorette party ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers, without skimping on fun. Have you thrown a bachelorette party on a budget? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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