Throw This Kind of Bachelorette Party For A Vino-Loving Bride-To-Be

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Throw This Kind of Bachelorette Party For A Vino-Loving Bride-To-Be

Looking for a simple idea for an elegant at-home bachelorette party? Consider hosting a wine tasting. Your BASH could be as simple as purchasing a few bottles of wine for everyone to try. Or you could hire a wine consultant to do the pouring for you.

Home wine tastings are a new(ish) trend in the direct sales industry (think Pampered Chef but with wine). It’s a fun way to try new wines, many of which are not available in stores, and learn more about wine.

Working with your consultant, you’ll select 5 wines for you and 10-20 friends of the bride to try. Your consultant will provide the wine as well as educate you and your guests about those wines. Your consultant can even suggest the perfect food pairings to complement your wines.

Wine tastings are free; you won’t be paying your consultant. However, some companies charge a small fee for the sample bottles, but the amount is nominal compared to what you’d spend at the store or at a winery. And if you or your guests find a wine that you love, you can purchase it at a discount. The wine will be shipped directly to you after the party.

So, are you ready to host your own wine tasting at home? Here are 3 companies who will bring the wine to you:

Traveling Vineyard

Tasting Bottles = 5

Tasting Cost = FREE

Vino Virtuoso

Tasting Bottles = 5, plus a bonus bottle for the host – or the bride-to-be.

Tasting Cost = $24.95

WineShop At Home

Tasting Bottles = 5

Tasting Cost = $29.95

Have you hosted a wine tasting at home? Share your tips in the comments below.

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