Sailing Away For An Annapolis Bachelorette Party On The Chesapeake Bay

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Sailing Away For An Annapolis Bachelorette Party On The Chesapeake Bay

The nautical town of Annapolis, Maryland has long been a wedding destination. With gorgeous scenery year-round, the capital city is steeped in history and offers one of the most beautiful and walkable historic districts in the Mid-Atlantic. It’s also home to the United States Naval Academy, which is another reason Annapolis is a sought after wedding destination. Between the plentiful and scenic wedding venues, close proximity to Baltimore and DC and a multitude of fantastic entertainement and dining options, bachelorette parties keep Annapolis busy full time.


Nautical and sailing bachelorette themes have always been a staple in Annapolis, but seem to have become a nation-wide trend in recent years. As bachelorette parties evolve from a night out clubbing, to multi-day excursions packed with quality gal pal time, the options for what to do during bachelorette parties have become wide and varied. So what’s an Annapolis-bound bachelorette party to do? There are so many wonderful options so if you are looking for Annapolis bachelorette party ideas, be sure to check out the Annapolis section of our website. If you are looking for something really unique, keep reading.

It’s Time To Set Sail

Ladies, get ready to channel your inner “Wedding Crashers” because you can now add a sailing excursion to your Annapolis bachelorette party! Sail away on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, aboard the Granmar sailboat for your own private bachelorette party charter. The Granmar is a 40 foot sailboat that often sails from Annapolis down the coast, to island destinations like Bermuda. While your gal pals may not want to go that far, you can get a taste of the sailing life during a 3-4 hour bachelorette sailing party. Throw on those bikinis and some nautically-inspired fashion (can’t go wrong with stripes), and head out for a fun day with your besties on the bay. Depending on the weather and wind on the day of the bachelorette party, your group will head out towards the Bay Bridge or over to Thomas Pointe Lighthouse.

Want to steer? The boat’s Captain welcomes active participants, and says “the ladies tend to enjoy taking turns steering the ship. It also makes for some great pictures.” The bachelorette sailing package can accommodate up to 8 guests plus the Captain. All sailing trips leave from downtown Annapolis. The total cost is incredibly reasonable, with the total cost coming in at $375. A fruit and cheese plate is included, in addition to a bottle of wine/or a six pack of beer (alcohol is limited to those 21 years of age and older). For groups that have guests under 21 years of age, non alcoholic drinks can be substituted. Bachelorette parties are also welcome to bring their own snacks and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, provided there is no glass involved. So don’t forget those plastic cups ladies. Tip: Don’t run around last minute looking for cups, wine openers, etc. Grab a BASH in the Box, which includes ten plastic cocktail cups, plastic shot glasses, a tiara and more!


Strike A Pose

Want to document your sailing bachelorette party? Renowned Annapolis photographer (and avid sailor), Mike Finn of Smile on Life Photography can tag along to snap gorgeous pics of your group. If you are interested in adding the package, shoot an email to Mike, and choose from a variety of packages.

How to Book The Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Party Package

These parties fill up fast, so be sure to inquire in advance. The owner and Captain, John Holt does his very best to accommodate last minute requests, but due to weather and availability, try to inquire at least 3 weeks in advance. To inquire about availability for your Annapolis bachelorette party, call 410-990-1234 or send an email. John Holt also happens to own two gorgeous bed and breakfasts in downtown Annapolis, and is known for going all out for bachelorette parties. For bachelorette parties who book the sailing package, John offers discounted room rates at both The Academy Bed and Breakfast, and The Annapolitan Bed and Breakfast. Talk about a win-win! Disclaimer: The Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Party Package does not come with Owen Wilson. Unless of course, you create a cardboard cutout and bring “him” along (if you do, send us pictures). Happy sailing bachelorette mates!

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