Our Favorite bachelorette party games and favors

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Our Favorite bachelorette party games and favors

Before you “drink champagne and dance on the table” grab these must-have favors & games!

With so many places to purchase bachelorette party favors and games these days, we wanted to test out a few items to see which products are our favorites. After you and the ladies figure out where the bachelorette party will be, set a date and figure out your itinerary, there’s still one thing to do! Order those classy bachelorette party favors and games that will make the bash fun and memorable. Below you will find personal picks that the BASHelorette team ordered and tested. We hope this helps you narrow down the search and your online shopping for bachelorette party gifts and favors! Some of the products in this post contain affiliate links to purchase directly through Amazon, which makes it easy for you to buy the products, and also allows BASHelorette to receive a commission. Let us know whether you love these bachelorette items as much as we do by leaving a comment.


Bachelorette Party Photo Props

No matter where you and your gal pals are headed, don’t forget to bring some props to spiffy up your pics. We ordered these bachelorette party photo props and loved them. They are high-quality and sturdy and there are twenty different props that come with one order. The pack includes wooden sticks and clear stickers and light assembly is required (when we say light, we mean VERY LIGHT and takes a couple minutes at the most). Take these with you for your night out on the town, at dinner, at home or wherever the party may be, for an instant injection of fun!

Bachelorette Dare Scratch Off Cards

Looking for some classy but fun bachelorette dares? Look no further. This pack comes with 22 cards offering dares that are not too risqué, but will ensure your group has a great time. There are several ways to play, but the easiest (and our favorite) is to distribute the cards to each person and scratch them off at different times during the party. At a recent bachelorette party, we had five guests including the bride, so everyone got 4 cards. We had two cards left over, so of course we saved them for the guest of honor! We were having a fairly traditional bachelorette party in Scottsdale, and our itinerary included several bars in Old Town. We decided to scratch our cards right when we got to each bar, so we did so prior to ordering our drinks. It worked out great! The two leftovers were popped on the bride by surprise. We also had a rule where one could opt out of a dare in exchange for buying the bride a drink or a round of shots for everyone in the party.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt – Girls Night Out – Party Game – Set of 12

We ordered these not sure if they would be lame or fun. Thank goodness they are the latter…FUN! Who doesn’t love a good selfie scavenger hunt during a bachelorette party? The cards can be given out separately or you can tackle the selfies as a team. Add a time limit for some extra fun!

Hangover Kits

Surprise bachelorette party guests the morning after with these adorable and TOTALLY NECESSARY hangover kits. These perfect party favors are already packaged so you don’t have to waste time assembling and filling them. Each set includes Emergen-C, Ibuprofen, ear plugs, “Survivor Removable tattoo” Band-Aid and Life Savers.

Bachelorette Pink Koozies

If you need a festive way to keep the drinks cold, these bachelorette koozies are a must-have. The set comes with 12 total koozies, and 6 different designs. They are well-made and make for great gifts or favors. We used these for beer cans and they worked great, but the seller states that the koozies also work with 12 – 16 oz bottles as well.


 Bachelorette Party and Bride Tribe Tattoos

One of the latest trends in bachelorette party favors are bridal temporary tattoos. Here at BASHelorette, we LOVE anything that sparkles, so we could not resist trying these golden “bride tribe” tattoos. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. In fact, we decided they will become a staple at many future bashes. These beauties are so classy, and easy to put on. Whether you wear them for the night out, or for a bridal shower, they look gorgeous. The colors are true to the picture (gold foil) and they last a couple days (the seller claims up to seven days, which might be possible but we did not want to keep ours that long). The pack comes with 17 tattoos (16 that say “Bride Tribe” and 1 that says “Bride”).

Sparking Bachelorette Banner

With so many banners out there, it took a couple tries before we picked a favorite! Some bachelorette banners we tested out were flimsy and did not look great. Some were really hard to put up. This one however, is just right. While some bachelorette party banners cost less, in this case you get what you pay for. The letters are in gold glitter and are about 4 inches tall. The whole sign is 6 feet long, the perfect size for a backdrop. The diamond ring adds a nice touch, design-wise. In sum, we love this banner and know you will too!


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Some Candid Pics With Our Favorite BASH Favors & Games!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase one of the products, BASHelorette will receive a commission. However, all products listed on the post were reviewed by our team, and the opinions are those of BASHelorette.
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