Must-Have Bachelorette Party Apps For Tech-Savvy Gals

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Must-Have Bachelorette Party Apps For Tech-Savvy Gals

Bachelorette parties have changed A LOT over the last couple decades. This evolution of the “final fling before the ring” means there are more options than ever. From at-home classy-themed parties and destination bashes, to alcohol-free soirees and glamping, brides and their gals are more creative than ever. One thing is for sure, the more fabulous the party, the more planning time and (usually) more money involved.  Not to fear, technology to the rescue! While planning has gotten more complicated in recent years, innovative apps are making the bachelorette party more fun, easier to plan and allow the party to be documented digitally. But you already knew this right ladies (wink)? Well let’s get to it then!

Here is a list of bachelorette party apps hand-picked by the BASHelorette team:

Note: These are just our personal favorites, so if you think we need to add some to the list, please drop a note in the comment section below.



We know we are not supposed to pick favorites, but we couldn’t help ourselves. The app provides a free online platform for managing the bachelorette party details, invites, RSVP’s, etc. Out of all the digital bachelorette planning resources we tried, EventAssist is by far the easiest to use and the most straightforward. It’s got all the bells and whistles too. Customize photos, add activities, manage guest details, etc. all in one place. Bonus points: Eventassist can be used on desktop or as a mobile app for just about anything – bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, etc.



Oh happy day! An app that will take your bachelorette party videos and pics, and combine them into a short and pretty sweet video. Simply upload your pics and videos, select the style and theme music, and click “submit.” The magic workers at Magisto whip up an awesome (and we mean awesome) video that would impress even the best videographers. And yes, it is FREE! Below is an example of a video created in less than 5 minutes for BASHelorette. Happy video-making ladies!



This app is incredibly easy to use and it’s FREE! Just sign up and start creating the bachelorette itinerary. Keep track of guests, rsvp’s and even search for ideas and places to stay. Our favorite part? The ability to track costs and split the bill ahead of time. This app is definitely a one stop shop, which make it powerful and convenient. When we tested this handy app out to organize my sister’s Tennessee bachelorette party, it worked like a gem. Two thumbs up!

Tap Booth For Free:


Turn your smartphone into a virtual photo booth! This app is fun even when there is no bachelorette party going on, so you may fall in love with it like we did (it’s also highly entertaining at boring family functions). Similar to a real life photo booth, Tap Booth For Free allows you to upload pictures, apply filters and add all sorts of props, word bubbles, costumes, etc. Boasting 4.5 out of 5 star rating in iTunes by over 20k users assures you this free app is fun, fun, fun!

Tap Booth For Free in the iTunes Store

8500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Free:


Yes you read that right. 8,500 free drink recipes. Now there is no excuse for not knowing what to order! For those who want a signature bachelorette party drink, or want to venture out and try a new libation, this app is for you. Why not try to find a hot bartender and try to stump him/her with a request from your new favorite drink recipe app? If it’s too overwhelming, here’s a short list of our go-to bachelorette party shots and shooters.

8500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes in the iTunes Store

A Beautiful Mess:

.99 cents

Reviewers rave about this fun photo editing app that is geared towards the ladies. It promises to “add new life to your favorite photos with custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles.” Basically, this app lets you take pics and make them pretty. Who doesn’t want pretty and fabulous bachelorette party pics? Trust us, this one is a keeper. With a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on iTunes, you can’t go wrong.

The Glam App:


According to the site, “the Glam App delivers beauty experts to your front door. Offering services that range from a blow dry, to makeup applications, or just a simple polish change, there’s no need to leave your house, when we bring the salon to you.” This app is perfect for bachelorette parties that are getting ready in-home, at a hotel, at an AirB&B or pretty much anywhere. Nails? Check. Hair? Check. Makeup? Gorgeous. Pour some bubbly and let Glam App bring the stylists to you. For those worried about budgets, there are three different price levels spanning beginning stylists to expert stylists. Glam App is available in most major U.S. cities and is expanding.



We were already fans when we heard the name. Who doesn’t love a minibar? This handy little app lets you place an order for alcohol and have it delivered to your door in 30- 60 minutes. That certainly helps when you run out of bubbly and no one is sober enough to drive. Or for those bachelorette planners that realize last minute, they forgot a certain type of beer, wine or liquor. Sign up for free online, enter your location, shop, pay and wait. It’s like Postdates (see below) but for booze!



Some of you may already know and love the courier/delivery app known as Postmates, but for those of you yet to try it, be prepared for a new favorite! Available in over 200 U.S. cities, there’s a good chance it’s available to help bring bachelorette necessities to your exact location. What kind of necessities? Our favorite use is for food delivery from our go-to eateries. We aren’t just talking about fast food and chain restaurants. They feature local favorites too! Want to order from the brides preferred sushi joint? No problem. 2am craving for Burger King? Done. Have a bad hangover the morning after? Order gatorade and advil and wait for the delivery while you sport your oversized sunglasses. Even better, the menus and items are all online with pricing, so it’s easy as 1-2-3.


Packages Starting at $99+

Eversnap was “voted as the number one Wedding/Event Photo App by Huffington Post,” and for good reason. It helps you capture all your guest’s photos AND videos in one online album. In 2016, Eversnap added the ability for guests to upload unlimited high resolution images and videos – pretty awesome right? While this app is probably most popular for weddings, we give it the thumbs up for bachelorette parties (especially the larger ones), because it allows everyone to sync media to one private album, which can then be downloaded by the bride. What a memorable keepsake! The basic package costs $99 and includes more than enough capability necessary capturing your fab bachelorette party. Check out an example of an Eversnap bachelorette party:

Tip: If cost is a factor, just remember to split the cost on Venmo 😉 (see below)



We have heard a lot about Venmo, so we just had to give it a try. Disappoint it did not! We all know that splitting the bill is complicated for bachelorette parties. I am willing to bet that I am not the only one who has been stuck with an expensive round of drinks, while someone else bought a few beers. Enter Venmo. It’s a free way to split the bachelorette bill up, pay someone who has already spent money on items like hotel reservations and transfer money directly. Finally, a way to divvy up the costs fairly.

The Bachelorette Party Game:

.99 cents

An app that promises to be “filled with dares, silly trivia, charades and other games, this app is one stop shopping for a great night out with the girls,” according to its creators. “The Bachelorette Party Game” has been rated 3 our of 5 stars in the iTunes store, and 7.5 out of 10 on We agree with a reviewer who would like to see a separate game option so players can switch easily from dare to trivia, but overall, we think it is definitely worth the .99 cents!

The Bachelorette Party Game in the iTunes Store

Watch Over Me


Yes, bachelorette parties are all about fun, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our team downloaded this app, and we ALL opted to keep it permanently. God forbid you or your group are in a threatening or dangerous situation, Watch Over Me has the ability to send out emergency alerts that notify family and friends by the simple shake of your phone. It also notifies users of high crime areas, and can monitor certain routes via GPS to ensure safe arrival at home, the office or even your hotel room. In our opinion, every woman should have this. Since most bachelorette parties involve drinking, we highly recommend having this app on your phone just in case.  For more safety tips for bachelorette parties available here.

What bachelorette party apps have helped you plan a great BASH?

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