How To Be Single and Happy During Wedding Season

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How To Be Single and Happy During Wedding Season

Single during wedding season? Don’t fret, dating coach and personal image consultant, Neely Steinberg has some tips for flirting and finding love anywhere (including at weddings and bachelorette parties!)

We are all familiar with the saying “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Some women are actively looking for a significant other and some are just fine on their own. But, when wedding season approaches, it can have even the most confident single ladies feeling a little left out. We caught up with the beautiful Neely Steinberg, known as “The Love TREP,” who has been featured on the pages and websites of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, SELF, Woman’s Day, Shape, and many more. Suffice it to say, she is a go-to expert when it comes to finding love anywhere.


Q: Let’s start with advice for newly single bridesmaids who recently broke up with their SO. Do you have any advice for how to approach the bachelorette party and wedding festivities? How can they support the bride and make sure her wedding is fab without feeling sorry for themselves?

A: Give yourself a timeout from processing and analyzing the breakup. So if you have a bachelorette party to attend, give yourself, your mind, your worries, your heartbreak, etc. the night off.  You can return to all that stuff the next day. But for now, it’s time to give yourself a break. If you find your mind wandering, consciously bring it back to the present moment.

And try to push yourself to be genuinely happy for your friend and to genuinely celebrate with her (this day won’t come around again). She’s found something wonderful, and use her bliss as inspiration for what you can find, too.

Q: What about the coveted +1 invitation? Is it best to bring a friend or ask someone they are romantically interested in? What about going solo – are there any perks to going it alone?

A: I say go solo! Weddings are great places to meet people. If it’s appropriate, ask the bride to sit you at the singles table, next to some eligible men. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone even if going solo feels uncomfortable. Life’s too short and you never know what opportunities may come up at a wedding!

Q: Is it taboo for a single lady to try to meet someone special during the bachelorette party, or should the focus all be on the bride and ensuring she has an amazing time?

A: Why should it be taboo? My guess is you’ll probably have one part of the night when it’s just you and the girls (whether it’s dinner or a gathering at someone’s house for games, etc). So when you go out, don’t feel you have to hover over the bride every second. There are probably several of you out and about with the bride-to-be, so she doesn’t need all of your attention at every moment. The point is to have fun, flirt. Be playful with people you meet!

Q: How can single ladies who are looking for a romantic relationship put themselves out there at weddings? Is it even possible to meet someone special at a wedding or are they just for flings like we saw in “Wedding Crashers”?

A: Weddings are great places to meet guys, because you already have built-in conversation starters. “How do you know the groom/bride?” “What an incredible venue!” “I liked your dance moves out there.” “Great tux!” It’s a contained environment where you’ll all be together for a few hours, so make the most of it and start a conversation with someone you think is cute, or ask the bride/groom for an introduction.  Like anywhere, you could meet someone special or it could be a fling. If people are coming from all over the country, and you meet someone who lives far away, it may end up being a fling, but if some of the guys are local, then maybe not!

Q: Let’s talk about one of your areas of expertise…fashion. Any tips on fashion picks for women who are looking for long-term love? Any favorite looks for bachelorette party fashion?

A: The great thing about bachelorette parties are the props! Props are instant conversation starters. So while that doesn’t mean you have to wear a penis necklace, maybe you’re wearing a candy necklace, or a t-shirt that says “Friend of the bride.” These types of props give men an instant opening to make a comment or strike up a conversation. But in general, re: fashion advice: Wear whatever makes you feel however it is you want to feel. Confident? Feminine? Flirty? Powerful? Polished? Find clothes that bring those feelings out in you! Purge your closet of anything that feels old or frumpy or uninspiring, because when you put those pieces on, well, you’ll feel old, frumpy, and uninspired. ☺

Thank you so much Neely, we appreciate your expertise and taking the time to help the single ladies navigate wedding season! Follow Neely and visit her website to learn more about her dating coaching services and image consulting for women.






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