Hashtag ideas for your bachelorette party

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Hashtag ideas for your bachelorette party

How to use social media to make a virtual scrapbook of your bachelorette party

Story by Hafsa Siddiqi

Complete your ultimate night out with a must-have party favor: the hashtag. Here are a few tips for using social media to create the ultimate virtual scrapbook of your BASH.

Bachelorette Party Hashtag Ideas

Create custom hashtags for your big night out. Having a spa & drinks soirée? Use the hashtag #spaandbubbly. Going on destination bachelorette party? Use a hashtag with the city name, like #VegasBASH. Or simply use the bride’s name to create a hashtag like #BeckysBASH or #JensBachelorette. The more specific, the better, but keep it short and sweet. After all, during a night of fun, who wants to remember a lengthy hashtag or use up those precious 140 characters?

Geo-Tag Your Bachelorette Party

Along with hashtags, you can tag cities and venues by using geo-tags. Just make sure to turn on the location button before posting an image, use FourSquare or the check-in feature on Facebook. That way if one of the girls drinks too many martinis and forgets to use the hashtag, her image or post will still be tagged by location.

Play Tag

Tagging allows you to make sure every bachelorette is included in the BASH, at least virtually.  You can even tag the venues where you are celebrating. You can use tags on virtually every social media platform but you’ll get the most bang for your post with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just be sure to include the @ symbol along with each bachelorette or venue’s username and the designated hashtag for the night.

Be Cyber-Safe

If you’re worried about broadcasting your whereabouts in real-time, you can always check-in after the fact or post Latergrams, photos shared after the fact. Either way, you’ll be able to share your night out and relive your BASH whenever you want.

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