Cupcakes and Champagne: The perfect bachelorette party theme for a classy bride

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Cupcakes and Champagne: The perfect bachelorette party theme for a classy bride

Something sweet and bubbly for the sophisticated bride-to-be!

Planning a unique bachelorette party for a classy lady is easy as pie with this affordable and lovely theme.

When many people think of the term bachelorette party, they often times picture a drunken bride and her gal pals, parading loudly from bar to bar, accessorized with…well you know…certain male part-inspired favors.

While that is certainly what floats some bachelorette party boats, others are looking for more classy bachelorette party themes, focused less on the bar-hopping and truth or dare games, and more on enjoying a memorable time with her closest friends, be it at-home, a spa or a wine tour. Add in the trend that women are waiting longer to get married, and it’s no surprise that bachelorette parties are evolving into more refined experiences centered on bonding and quality time, rather than a night out clubbing (don’t get us wrong, the clubbing is still popular and fun). We created this list of classy bachelorette party themes, to inspire you and help you dream up the perfect party for the bride-to-be who seeks a refined, yet fun sendoff.

Classy Bachelorette Party Theme #1: Cupcakes & Champagne Soirée

What could possibly go wrong with a combination so delicious? This classy bachelorette party theme works best for at-home bachelorette parties.

How to pull it off: If you are hosting an at-home bachelorette party, bake or order various types of cupcakes. If mini cupcakes are available, even better! Try and stick to an extra dry variety of champagne to truly savor the flavor combinations. Some recommendations for cupcake flavors include: strawberry shortcake, dark chocolate ganache, plain-old vanilla with vanilla frosting (amazing), and almond flavored cupcakes. Sip, savor and repeat. A party like this pairs well with lingerie-inspired bachelorette party games and watching old, black and white romance flicks.

Décor: This theme really shines when décor includes sparkles, metallic and pastels (pink, ivory, etc.). Depending on the bride’s taste, you can go the über-glamorous route, or stick to a more shabby-chic style. A fun twist could be to host this classy bachelorette party in the evening, so guests can sport beautiful, girly pajamas.

Gifts/Favors: Have each party guest submit her favorite recipe cupcake recipe, by filling out a recipe card and presenting it to the bride. Don’t forget to include a recipe for champagne cupcakes! Guests would be delighted to receive a champagne glass as a party favor.

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