Beach Bachelorette Party Must-Haves For This Summer

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Beach Bachelorette Party Must-Haves For This Summer

Where My Beaches At?

Life is truly better at the beach. So why would you want to have a bachelorette party anywhere else? No matter what coast, or body of water, planning a beach bash for your sunshine loving bride-to-be is always a hit. This post does include some affiliate links, so we may be compensated if you click (which helps support our blog).

While we could talk beaches all day long, if you are reading this you likely want to know which bachelorette-friendly items to bring with your posse and how much they cost. If you are still in the planning phase, check out some beach bachelorette party themes for inspiration. Otherwise, read on:

“Last Fling Before The Ring” Tumbler

I mean, what bride would not want to drink out of this adorable tumbler for her beach bachelorette party? Whether she’s sipping on some chilled rosé or an ice-cold margarita, make sure she is sippin in style! Price $19.99. BUY HERE

“Where My Beaches At” Survival Kits

These are just so fun. AND these little bachelorette party survival kits are not only beach-themed, but they do contain some important items that your girlfriends will be grateful for like sunscreen, advil and Emergen-C. Price $9.99 each. BUY HERE

Bride Tribe Sunglasses

What would a beach bach be without some super cool shades? Sport these babies beachside and snap some pics (or better yet, find a hot lifeguard to snap some pics for you). Looking hot is what you do right? Includes 6 pairs of sunglasses. Price: $13.99. BUY HERE

Grab & Go Traveling “Wine Bottles”

These may just be the best inventions ever. The best part? You will get a kick out of them for the party, but can use them again and again. These flexible, collapsible, refillable wine bottles ensure the wine-lovers are satisfied, as they hold a full bottle of the good stuff! Plus, if you are at a spot where there is a “no glass bottles” policy…boom, you are in the clear. Set comes with 4 collapsable wine bottles and one funnel. Price – $10.99. BUY HERE

Colorful Beach-Friendly Drink Coasters

Two words. SAND COASTERS. Don’t mess with the beach holders that have the stakes and stick out of the sand (trust us). These low sand coasters are the way to go at the beach. They hold your typical beers, bottles, red cups and pretty much anything (even your phone). They come in a 4 pack and are available in a variety of colors. Most importantly, they keep the sand away. Win-win. Price $12.99 for a 4 pack. BUY HERE

Sand-Free Big Old Beach Blanket

Beach towels are super cute, and we recommend of course that you bring them. BUT, don’t head to the beach without one of these. Set up your nibbles and drinks on this blanket to keep them sand-free. If you have a smaller bachelorette party, you can all park your hot bodies on this together. Comes in assorted colors. Price $33.90. BUY HERE

Beach Bride & Gang Trucker Hats

These personalized, “beach worthy” trucker hats will be a hit with your bride tribe. Personalize them, order them in various colors and designs. Keep the sun out of your eyes while looking fab! Choose a color to match your theme, bikinis or mix and match for a more eclectic look. Price $20.97. BUY HERE

Team Bride Plastic Cups

You are going to need a cup that fits in those handy little sand coasters right? Try these adorable “team bride” plastic cups. Each pack has 25 cups, so you will be prepared with extras if you need them. And they are perfect for the beach bash (and friendly on the wallet. Price $9. BUY HERE

Bride Tribe Metallic Tattoo Set


Last but certainly not least, you and your beach babes will look extra fine donning these metallic, golden “bride tribe” temporary tattoos. They go perfectly with a bronzed beach body, so strut your stuff ladies! Each set comes with 12 temp tattoos. Price $10.99. BUY HERE

What other items are your go-to beach bachelorette must-haves? Where are you heading this summer with your besties? Comment below! 


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