A British-Themed Bachelorette Party Fit For A Princess

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A British-Themed Bachelorette Party Fit For A Princess

Fun Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas: Hen Party

Let’s travel to the “other side of the pond,” as they say, to Great Britain, where bachelorette parties are something foreign to brides-to-be. If you cannot travel to the “other side of the pond,” hen parties and other worldly traditions make for fun bachelorette party theme ideas.

It’s not that brides and her friends don’t like to celebrate her last single night in style, but it’s the terminology that’s foreign. What’s known as a bachelorette party in America turns into a “hen party” (also referred to as a “hen night” or “hen do”) in England. However, in some cases, they can be slightly different than the standard alcohol-drenched affair here in the U.S.

A hen party’s farm animal-like name comes from the image of clucking hens, as the girls congregate and “cluck” about bridal fashions, rituals, the groom and so on. It evolved from a customary gathering of the bride and her maids prior to the wedding to go over the final details. (In case you were wondering, the male equivalent is a “stag” party.)

Sometimes, a hen party is nearly exactly the same as a traditional bachelorette party – the bride dons a fake veil and sash; her friends take her out to local pubs and they dance, take shots and have a raucous night out on the town.

However, a traditional hen party is often less rowdy; instead, friends steal the bride away as a surprise (the fiancé often helps with that part) for a weekend and shower her in adoration. There are a number of traditional games, such as one called “Mister and Missus,” in which the hosts interview the fiancé, asking him a number of questions about the bride. The bride is then asked the same questions and notes are compared.


For certain brides, it might be wise to take a cue from this low-key, uber-relaxed get-together – plus, who doesn’t love a surprise?

If you plan to steal the bride for a weekend, talk to the people closest to her – her fiance, parents or roommates – to make sure that you won’t case a disruption with the surprise and that she doesn’t suspect the party.

For the anglophile bride, make it an entirely British-themed party, including British slang on the invites, little British flags as part of the décor and serve tea-infused vodka cocktails as homage to London’s favorite beverage.

Have a top night, hens!

Have you ever hosted a hen party? How did you surprise the bride-to-be?

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