3 Drink Ideas for Your Bridal Shower Your Guests Will Love

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3 Drink Ideas for Your Bridal Shower Your Guests Will Love

You’re hosting your favorite gal, her friends and family to celebrate her upcoming wedding. You want everything to be special, every last detail to be perfect and you need the perfect, celebratory drink to toast your BFF. Here are three drink themes to complement any sophisticated bridal shower.

Rosé All Day

This pink wine is perfect for any blushing bride-to-be. It pairs with just about any menu, delights most palates and its pale color won’t stain as easily as its red counterparts. Any vintage from the Provence region of France will score points with your guests.

If you’re on a budget and within proximity of an Aldi grocery store that carries wine (sorry, Marylanders), stock up on $8 bottles of the Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé. This 2016 wine just took the silver award and the great value award at the International Wine Challenge.

To carry over your wine choice to the decor, check out these decorating ideas.

Mimosa Bar

Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly. Keep with the rosé theme and serve Cava Rosé or chill some Prosecco Mia instead.

Pair your bubbly with some OJ for the perfect brunch beverage. Or mix things up and offer cranberry juice.

Make sure the liquids are well chilled. Fill one-quarter of the glass with juice first. Top with the bubbly and garnish the glass with a berry.

Signature Mocktails

All great hostesses provide a non-alcoholic option for those guests choosing not to imbibe. If you’re opting for a mimosa bar, stock up on sparkling cider when you buy sparkling wine.

Another option is to order a case of Curious No. 1 by Curious Elixirs. This online purveyor of non-alcoholic craft cocktails was founded by a bartender looking for better, non-boozy options. Serve this drink on the rocks with an orange wedge.





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