Bash Pick: Our Favorite LA Clubs For Bachelorette Parties

by Emily Eberhart

In the land of the fabulously fabulous, there are a wide variety of Hollywood hotspots to have a lavish, classy bachelorette celebration – which is why I found a selection of unique, niche-y clubs/lounges that are a MUST for a one-of-a-kind, memorable Bashelorette!

Best LA Bachelorette Party Spots

LA Bachelorette Parties

 Sutra in Costa Mesa


Recognized and ranked by the likes of Maxim Magazine, Sutra is known for its energetic, interactive entertainment hosting some of the world’s most talented DJ’s.  Located in Costa Mesa, it attracts celebrities from throughout Orange County, and with the sultry, lavish atmosphere your group will certainly feel like celebrities.


Located on Sunset Boulevard, this nightclub has the ability to knock you off your socks with its surprising entertainment and integrated technology, designed to ensure a good time.  Music, lights, flamenco dancers, aerial artists – there’s something for everyone and is perfect for even a diverse bachelorette group.  The decor, drinks, and entertainment is impressive, but it is pricey.  If you’re willing to spend the cash, be sure to check out their private VIP balcony.


Also on Sunset Boulevard, AKBAR is a welcoming, eclectic, cultural take on modern nightclubs.  Great for dancing and drinking, this club doesn’t cater much to private parties, but it does guarantee that everyone there are simply friends you haven’t met yet – who could ask for more than that?

Lucha VaVOOM

One word:  VAVOOM!  This club offers everything from world-class comedians, to on-stage striptease, to masked midget mud wrestling – mundane and ordinary won’t be an issue here.  If you’re looking for something mind blowing and memorable, this venue won’t disappoint.  Just make sure you reserve ahead – getting tickets isn’t easy!

Exchange LA

Why enjoy one bar when you can enjoy six?  This building boasts the history of being the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange.  And that’s just the start – this venue has been graced by the likes of Heidi Klum on their indoor runway, Cirque du Soleil, and was even featured in the movie “The Social Network.”  It’s phenomenal for groups.

Los Angeles Bachelorette Parties

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