Best Bottles of Bubbly Under $20

Some might say the biggest staple of any bachelorette party (besides the bride) is the bubbly. However, champagne can be expensive — but BASHelorette is here to help. We’ve found the best bottles of champagne for under $20.

You can break out the bubbly without breaking your bank.

We prove that cheap champagne doesn’t have to be lacking in taste, and provide a non-alcoholic option, too. Here’s the breakdown:


A college favorite, somehow these $5- $7 bottles of champagne, which also come in peach and strawberry flavors, never lose their charm.

Cristalino Brut Cava:

This citrus flavored sparkler has been described as “cheap but classy.”  A Spanish cavas, this alternative to more expensive domestic champagnes, is quickly growing in popularity. It’s available for around $8 a bottle.


Korbel produces multiple types of champagne and all are affordable. From organic champagne to Korbel Rouge with black cherry, strawberry and plum flavors, these champagnes are sure to keep your bachelorette party popping.


Prosecco With a price point of around $13, Prosecco’s La Marca Prosecco DOC Extra Dry has received rave reviews. This wine contains notes of apple and lemon.  And with its Tiffany Blue label, how could you not want to pick up a bottle of this bubbly for the bride?

Sofia Blanc De Blancs Sparkling Wine

Sofia Blanc de Blancs:

This bubbly comes straight from movie icon Francis Ford Coppola. A light, sparkling, feminine wine, the bottles are wrapped in pink cellophane, which is sure to add a girly touch to any event. The deal only gets sweeter with a price tag of $19. Plus they have handy little pink cans as a “sparkling drink for one” option. Does it get any better?

Yellow Tail:

For those who want a brand known for affordable quality, Yellow Tail makes their “Bubbles” wine for $8-$10 a bottle. Coming both in a sparkling white and a sparkling rose, each has its own flavors to offer. The rose includes a berry flavor, while the sparkling white leans more towards a tropical fruit flavor. If you like a sweeter, less dry champagne, these bottles of bubbly might be for you.


If alcohol isn’t an option for this bachelorette party, we’ve found the perfect alternative for you. The well known wine producers Sutter Home have a non-alcoholic bubbly called Sutter Home Fre Sparkling. It’s priced at around $6 a bottle and is perfect for moms-to-be or anyone else who wants to indulge without the alcohol.

Whats your favorite bottle of bubbly under $20?

This post was written by Elisabeth Berman.



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