Best Games to Play at Bachelorette Parties

What are some of the best games to play at bachelorette parties?

You’ve got your girls gathered. You’ve got your restaurant or bar picked out. You’re ready for a fun night out. The only thing missing? Games!

Games are an essential part of any bachelorette party, and whether they are tame or edgy, they up the “fun-factor” of any night out on the town. Here are our top picks for bachelorette party games to play out on the town:

Bachelorette Party Games











Wedding Categories

Select a wedding-related category (wedding dress designers, types of rings, honeymoon spots, types of wedding cake, etc). Every guest must name something that fits into the category, going in a circle around the table. Whoever gets “stumped” or breaks the chain must take a drink!

Who Knows the Bride?

Have a sheet that asks questions like “What is the bride’s favorite color?” “What was the bride and groom’s first date?” “Where did they meet?” “What would be the bride’s ideal vacation?” “What is her favorite drink?” Fill out the questions during dinner and whoever can answer the most correctly wins.

Rate the Men

Perfect for a night out, simply rate men from “Perfect 10” to “It Would Never Work Out” as they walk by. For an added twist, have the bride-to-be go up to every perfect 10 and ask for a kiss on the cheek.

That Guy Game

Create “playing cards” with a certain guy quality on them (mullet, mustache, sports jersey, jean shorts, red hair, etc.) Each attendee picks a certain number of cards before the night begins and the first to find real-life matches to all of her cards wins.

Bachelorette Bar Challenge

Assign tasks to the bride-to-be and see how she rises to the challenge. They can be silly to dramatic, like singing a karaoke song by herself, requesting a terrible song from the DJ, getting a round of shots bought for the group, getting a piece of clothing from a guy, dancing on the bar, etc. The bride’s reward for completing tasks can be anything from assigning shots to her friends to giving the bridesmaids tasks of their own.

Daredevil Bride

And finally, what you’ve been waiting for. Warning: do not read this if you aren’t ready for a wild and crazy bachelorette party!

Items needed: a blowup doll, sharpie markers and a daredevil bride. The bride must carry the blowup doll around with her all night, getting men to sign it with a sharpie whenever she completes a given task, like those listed above. By the end of the night, she’ll have signature proof of a great night and a keepsake to remember it by.

What’s your favorite game to play while out celebrating the bachelorette?



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