Best Bachelorette Party Games to Play At Home

Before you head out bar-hopping, enjoy a bachelorette party game or two at home that will leave the girls giggling and primed for an evening of fun. Some are raunchy while others are tamer, but we promise, none of them are worthy of an eye roll.

Warning: Our games lean heavily on drinking — after all, it tends to be a focus of many bachelorette parties. If your crowd is not of the boozing variety, simply eliminate the part where someone has to take a drink. You’ll still have all the laughs without the hangover.


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The Game: Guess the Lingerie

How to Play: A twist on the somewhat standard lingerie show, this is a bawdy guessing game for the bride. Ask each guest to bring one piece of lingerie for the bride — anything from a teddy to panties that fits each guest’s personal budget and is reflective of her bedroom style. The bride surveys all the gifts and tries to match the gift to the gift-giver based on what she guesses her style might be.
Make it a Drinking Game: Each time the bride guesses wrong, she takes a drink. Each time she correctly guesses, the gift-giver takes a sip.
How to Win: No prizes needed — the bride’s the overall winner in this game, as she gets to take home all the lingerie (make sure to indicate her size on the invitation).

The Game: Sexy Scavenger Hunt

How to Play: Collect a number of ingredients that a bride and groom might use on their honeymoon — lacy lingerie, handcuffs, body paint — and hide them around the house. (Ask each bridesmaid to bring one naughty item so you don’t have to shell out cash to collect them — unless you want to.) Split the guests into teams and give each team a list of items to find.
Make it a Drinking Game: Who needs a reason to drink? Just tote your wine glass along on the search.
How to win: The team that finds the most number of items on the list wins. To prevent a tie, hide an odd-number of items.

The Game: Most Likely to…

Give each guest a set of index cards with the names of the guests on each card. For example, if eight guests are playing, each one should have eight cards that each displays the name of another guest. Going in a circle, each guest offers up a “most likely to…” scenario, such as “most likely to get bought a drink at the bar first.” Each guest holds up a card, voting for who wins the round. Other scenarios include, “Most likely to get married next,” “Most likely to kiss a total stranger,” “Most likely to hook up at the wedding.”
Make it a Drinking Game: Whenever a guest is named “most likely,” she takes a drink.
How to Win: The guest who wins the highest number of superlatives wins the prize.

The Game: Bachelorette Scattergories

How to Play: This game is a little tamer, good for playing rounds in between nipping on appetizers and chatting. Based on the popular board game, this one takes a little prep on the hostess’ part. Create a board that looks something like this:



                                      B                              A                              S                                    H

Destinations      ________           _______             ____________                _________

Gifts                      ________           _______             ____________                _________

Attire                    ________           _______             ____________                _________

Songs                    ________           _______             ____________                _________

Add categories until you feel like you have enough to fill out the game. (Premade boards can be scouted online by doing a Google search.) Set a timer for two to three minutes, during which time each guest does their best to come up with creative answers for each category using the letter at the top. (For example, the letter ‘B’ is used for the first round, ‘R’ for the second round, and so on, for a total of five rounds.) When the timer is up, each person reads their answer out loud. If you’re the only one who came up with that answer for that category, you get a point. If someone else has the same answer, you cancel each other out.
Make it a Drinking Game: Whenever two (or more) people give the same answer for a category, they each take a sip of their drink.
How to win: Whoever has the most points at the end of the fifth round wins the game.

What about Prizes?

Skip the prizes from the Dollar Store in favor of much cuter — but not necessarily expensive — game prizes. These could include:

  • Cute pairs of panties, often available at five for $10 at local department stores. Be sure to buy a variety of sizes so no one feels uncomfortable winning a size small when they’re more like a large.
  • Miniature bottles of sparkling wine or one-ounce liquor bottles.
  • A mini hangover kit that includes a bottle of water or Gatorade, travel-sized painkillers and a starchy snack such as popcorn.

What’s your favorite bachelorette party game?


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