Toast to This: Bash-Friendly Red Wines

Wine is about sharing with friends, remembering the good times and toasting the future — similar sentiments to a great bachelorette party. From shades of violet to flavors of berries, there are many varieties of reds to choose from. But it’s not enough to pick a wine that merely temps and satisfies the palate; the bottle should mirror the light-hearted, festive feel of the big bash. Here are a few fun red picks.

Girly Girl Wines

Farrah, the Girly Girl’s Cabernet Sauvignon, will spice up your party with bold flavors of black licorice and pepper. It goes great with chocolate. Best Wine For Bachelorette Parties

Hot Stiletto

With the motto, “Sit…Sip…Be Sexy,” the Wild Women Winery in Denver, CO serves up a spicy Zinfandel/Syrah blend that goes down smooth and keeps the party going.

Be. Flirty Pink Moscato

Technically, this is a blush, not red wine. However, with its fun, flirty hue, effervescent feel on your tongue, and sweet-smelling berry flavors, we’ll make an exception.

Bitch Grenache

This lusciously sweet dessert wine is medium-bodied and has a serious kick—its alcohol content is a whopping 15.5%! It has a beautiful cherry tint and pairs wonderfully with a hearty slice of cake.

Little Black Dress

With whispers of vanilla, layered over perfumes of black cherry and cranberry, the Little Black Dress Merlot or Cabernet are delightful wine choices, perfect for any bachelorette party.

Marilyn Merlot

Bachelorette Party Drink IdeasMarilyn Monroe is the embodiment of fun and flirty, which is why this kitschy named wine is a great pick. Each year, the winery puts out a new design and label, so be sure to hang onto the bottles as a great collector’s item and memento from the night.

Sassy Bitch Wine

A name like Sassy Bitch says it all! This Pinot Noir is a rich gem color, filled with delectable fruit flavors of plum and berries.

Ménage à Trois

This light, fruity red from California is a top pick. This Zinfandel is a sassy red packed with the vibrant flavors of blackberry and raspberry jam. And, for around $10 a bottle, you can stock the party without breaking the bank.

Bottoms up!

What’s your favorite bottle of red?

This post was written by Stephanie Wolf.


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