Best Bachelorette Party Gifts And Favors

Our Favorite Bachelorette Party Gifts & Favors For 2013

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts And Favors

Shopping Bags


Jewelry is one of the most popular bachelorette party gifts. Gift bridesmaids with matching jewelry to be worn at the wedding. Or use the same beads, patterns, stones and colors but add a variation to each piece to reflect each bridesmaid’s style.  Stella & Dot offers a variety of sets of jewelry that will go with just about any bridesmaid dress.


A cute wristlet or clutch is always a classy way to say thank you and comes in handy during the ceremony and reception. Mix and match styles and colors or coordinate with wedding colors. Add a personal touch by engraving the gift with the bridesmaid’s initials. We assure you, no one will be disappointed with a cute clutch as a bachelorette party gift!


Make the girls feel — and smell — like superstars with Elizabeth Arden’s Mini Celebrity Fragrances Perfume. Give each bridesmaid the perfume from the celebrity she most resembles and spritz away!

Personalized Items

There’s nothing like a “team bride” shirt, an embroidered bathrobe or an engraved flask to start the night. Just be sure to gift bridesmaids with something they can reuse.


A makeup palette is a perfect travel gift. Bridesmaids can use this to touch up their makeup during the reception or try a new look at the bachelorette party. Try Sephora’s Urban Decay palette which includes bronze shimmers.

What’s the best bachelorette party gift you’ve received?


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