Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party in Annapolis

Bachelorette Party In Annapolis, Maryland

The idea of a bachelorette night out on the town might sounds great – until you realize what the final bill might be. Neither the bridesmaids nor the guests need to go broke to celebrate the bride’s wedding, even in Annapolis, a city known for boats, midshipmen and a high cost of living.

The No. 1 tip for planning a lower-cost bachelorette party in Annapolis is holding it on any night other than Saturday. It’s the most popular night for going out, and for that reason, bars more often charge cover and drop any nightly specials that might make a night budget-friendly.

Plan the party for Thursday or Friday night and start it during happy hour (which typically begins around 5 p.m. and lasts until 7 p.m., though it depends on the restaurant) to save on dinner costs.

For example, happy hour at Rams Head Tavern (33 West Street) runs from 5-7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and it’s free, practically — it does require a purchase, but you were going to get a beer or two anyway, right? Selections vary by the day, but range from sliders to wings to tacos.

There are a number of solid happy hours at other Annapolis establishments – half-price apps at Stan & Joe’s (37 West Street), $5 dishes at West Kitchen & Tavern (126 West Street) and $5 Latin street food at Paladar Kitchen and Rum Bar in the Annapolis Towne Centre (1905 Towne Center Boulevard).

Don’t be afraid to begin your night outside of downtown Annapolis. Main Street and surrounding areas have prime real estate, and they can often charge prices to match. Restaurants at the Towne Centre, the Annapolis Mall or in locations such as Cape St. Claire or Edgewater often have great deals. Happy hour at Ziki Japanese Steakhouse in the Annapolis Towne Centre offers 99-cent drafts, plus cheap wine and cocktails. Just don’t drink and drive to your next location!

Bars For Annapolis Bachelorette Party

Ziki at Annapolis Towne Center offers happy hour drink specials that are easy on the wallet

If you’re looking to get your groove on, there are a few places in Annapolis to dance to a DJ, one of which is Pusser’s Landing (80 Compromise Street). However, you’ll often pay higher drink prices for the luxury of the musical vibe.

It might be a better bet to find a local band playing at a bar that doesn’t charge a cover. Rockfish in Eastport and The Whiskey on West Street are two options. Or plan your bash at Stan & Joe’s on Wednesday for karaoke night.

Of course, unless you have a gal willing to act as the designated driver or a friend who lives near downtown Annapolis, you’ll need a way to get to and from the bars or a place to stay.  If you plan to book a hotel, stay outside downtown, where a relative lack of competition means hotel rates are higher. Check out rooms near the Annapolis Mall or on Riva road, even if it means adding a cab fare onto your total bill.

If you’re simply looking for a place to park a car, there are four garages surrounding the downtown area. They range in price from $10 a day at the Park Place garage to $20 a day at the Noah Hillman garage, which is closest to downtown.

Annapolis also offers a free circulator trolley to get around the downtown area, so park in a cheaper garage and let the circulator take you where you need to go.

Parking on the street is risky, so pay attention to all signs. Even if there’s no meter, most street parking is only valid for two hours for those without a decal – and those enforcing the parking laws are harsh.

What are your tips for keeping a bachelorette party in Annapolis budget-friendly?



  1. Also, if you have dinner at Rams Head Tavern they offer 2 hours of validated parking in Gotts Garage!

  2. Great article!

  3. There are several garages that are open on weekends after a certain time that are like a $4 flat fee…Not too shabby!

  4. The Whiskey has closed.


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