6 Tips for Planning A Stress-Free Bachelorette Party

Planning the ultimate night out for a bride-to-be can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 6 tips to planning a stress-free bachelorette party — one that will go down in history and make you look like a rockstar.

Plan Ahead

Planning is everything. To ensure this bash goes off without a hitch, it’s necessary to plan way in advance. Set a timeline to help keep you on track. After the excitement of the initial engagement, talk to the bride about potential date options. Communication is key. Some bachelorette parties are a surprise, so there’s no need to let the bride know exactly what is going on, but she should be somewhat in the know in regards to timing. Here is our recommended timeline for planning a bash.

Ask Questions

Its a good idea to ask the bride what she envisions for her bachelorette party — it is her night after all. Ask for her input even if the party is a surprise. Just don’t give away the details! Have the bride take our quiz to find out what type of bachelorette party she should have. It is quick, fun and enlightening!

Pick a Theme

Themes make planning so much easier, and can serve as your bachelorette party planning compass! A theme can help you easily determine the type of venue, select favors, choose games, transportation and more. Need some inspiration? Here are our favorite classy bash themes.

Share the Costs

Weddings are not cheap.  You are probably shelling out money for dresses, shoes and gifts, not to mention travel expenses, if it’s an out-of-town wedding. Set a reasonable per person budget and stick to it. Not sure how to calculate a budget? Use this formula.


It’s best to delegate responsibilities to the entire crew. Ask one bridesmaid to research venues, ask one to order favors, etc. Speaking of favors, BASH in the Box, is an all-inclusive box of bachelorette party favors and goodies that includes just about everything (except for food and snacks). Each person has a unique set of talent, so be sure everyone is chipping in. A little help goes a long way! Plus, you can always contact the BASH team, we are happy to help.

A Final Tip

Think of the bachelorette party as a special gift for the bride. Yes, it’s a farewell toast to the single life, but a bash is also a celebration of her new life ahead. It’s a time to bond, celebrate friendships and make memories. Make it count and the bride will be forever grateful to you for celebrating her special night.

What are your tips for stress-free party planning?

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