The Ultimate Checklist For An Ocean City Bachelorette Party

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The Ultimate Checklist For An Ocean City Bachelorette Party

Planning a beachy bachelorette party in Ocean City, Maryland? Then add these to your checklist! Check out our tips for bars, hotels and more!

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, chances are you spent senior week or a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. In addition to being a summer beach destination, Ocean City bachelorette parties are becoming more and more popular. Why? When you combine the beach and the bay with awesome nightlife, dining and fun, you have all the right fixings for a fun, sun-filled bachelorette party.


One of the keys to planning a stress free bachelorette party in Ocean City is to book your accommodations well ahead of time. Why? It could save you money, and it will definitely save you a headache. One of the most popular options is to rent a private condo or house, through sites like and There are hundreds of hotels in Ocean City, so be sure to pick one that is in the area you like. The lower streets are on the boardwalk, or close to it, and tend to be louder (and usually a little cheaper). We recommend staying between 40th and 80th streets where most popular dining and nightlife spots are located.

If you have some money to spend, consider staying at The Edge or The Lighthouse, located bayside at 56th street. Aside from the gorgeous rooms (which are definitely spacious enough for bachelorette parties), both hotels are in walking distance to Fager’s Island, a restaurant and bar that is one of the most popular destinations for Ocean City bachelorette parties. If you want to stay near the boardwalk, consider The Grand Hotel And Spa, which has a great outdoor pool and a day spa, perfect for pampering.


One of the reasons so many bachelorette parties pick Ocean City, is because there is an abundant nightlife and bar scene (especially in summer months). While it is impossible to list all the great bars and clubs, we will point out some that Ocean City bachelorette parties flock to regularly. First up? Fager’s Island at 56th street. Start here for  drinks, music and their famous bachelorette party scavenger hunt. Fager’s is also a great place to watch a bayside sunset. Then head down the street to Mackey’s Bayside Bar and Grill for drinks and music in a fun, unpretentious atmosphere.

Next, head to Seacrets, a sprawling bayside eating and drinking mecca boasting bars, dining and an on-site club. Once you get to Seacrets, you may not leave. The drinks are fantastic, dancing opportunities are plentiful and the atmosphere is perfect for a nightlife-seeking Ocean City bachelorette party. There are both outdoor and indoor bars, but we definitely recommend having a frozen treat known as the “dirty banana” outside at one of the beach bars (be sure to order it with the rum floater on top). Other favorite bar choices include De Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill, The Sound Bar Karaoke Club and Galaxy 66 Bar and Grill.

Recommended Activities For Your Ocean City Bachelorette Party:

We highly recommend most of your time be spent beachside, bayside or poolside, soaking up the sun and relaxing during the day. Most of the bars mentioned above are also popular day spots (especially Seacrets), and many hotels have pools. Not the sunbathing type? Fear not! Other fun options abound. Head to The Pole Power Studio for a private diva party where your group can learn pole dancing, chair routines and more. Less than 30 minutes from Ocean City is the historic and charming city of Berlin, Maryland. Head to the historic downtown area and stop by The Atlantc Hotel (where part of the movie Runaway Bride was filmed), a historic, beautiful property where you and the ladies can have lunch and a cocktail at the bar. Then, indulge your shopping talents in the fabulous boutiques that line Main Street.

Tips For Making The Most At Your Ocean City Bachelorette Party

  • Plan the party during high season (June through early September)
  • Try to avoid bringing anyone under the age of 21 if you plan on going to bars and clubs (there are very strict laws preventing anyone under the age of 21 from entering bars and clubs)
  • Get a designated driver or take the very affordable bus, affectionately known as “the drunk bus”
  • Bring sunscreen, bathing suits and beach gear
  • Attire for Ocean City bachelorette parties is casual. We recommend avoiding wearing heels (opt for wedges of flip flops instead)


What are your recommendations for a fabulous Ocean City bachelorette party?


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